Name                             : Anatolia Ratna Dewi

Place/date of birth  : Sumedang, January 31st 1994

Address                        : BPI Blok F8/4 West Pamulang

Graduation                  : SMK (SMEA) Sasmita Jaya I

Age                                 : 17

Sex                                  : Female

Cityzenship                 : Indonesian

Status                             : Student




I am Anatolia, my friend call me Anna. I’m the first child of three brothers from Mr, Kusnadi and Mrs. Yayah. I was born in eastern Bandung on January 31st 1994. I’m living in Sumedang until Junioar High School, than Imoved to Jakarta for continue my educations in High School.

I’m very happy with my new house, eventough small but Ifeel comportable, because my home area in the outside Jakarta. So I’m free from air polution and noise from city activity, but I have scared story  when rainy, because my recidence can get flood when hard raining.

But I’m very lucky because my friend care with me. When my home flooding, there help me to clean the flood in my house, I’m very happy have many good friend, because Ithink we can maid.


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